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Welcome to Imaginative Parenting!

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This blog has one goal: to connect those of us who share interests in imagination–its power, forms, functions, and joys–and children.  The power of imagination in people’s lives is my lifelong interest.  I know that I can learn a lot from your experiences.

I will post regularly, but this blog is my invitation to you–fellow parents, caregivers, teachers, researchers, grandparents, aunts and uncles–to engage in a conversation about imagination.

I invite you to send me:

•  Stories about how imagination, imaginative play, reading, storytelling, and/or writing are functional or valuable in your child’s life (or in the lives of the children in your care)

•  Questions about imaginative play with children

•  Ideas for how imaginative interaction can be useful or soul-supporting for adults in their professional, family, and internal lives

•  Examples of how imagination is related to empathy

•  Descriptions about how imagination helps people of any age respond to life issues, social issues, health crises, or other challenges

•  Tales related to imaginative play, reading, storytelling, or writing in your childcare setting or classroom

•  Tales of how family life and imagination can be interwoven

I look forward to hearing from you!  I also invite you to subscribe, so you won’t miss any posts: